Thank a Landscaper

To: G. Lillian, Lawson, OK

The “landscaper” in my life was my Grandmother Lillian. She passed away in 1981 and her lilies and perennials continued to bloom for 10 years after her death – that is, without any care from her family. As her only granddaughter, I always loved them and felt they were her way of telling me she was still with me. She was an amazing gardener, even able to grow bluebonnets from seed in her little backyard. The Farmers Almanac was the only thing she referred to for guidance. And, over the years I saw her predict weather just by watching the insects and plants in her yard. Better than Doppler was she. If there is a heaven or an afterlife, she is in a garden somewhere in the universe, making that place more beautiful, too.

From: J. Lawson