“Appreciating Your Peers” in LAWN & LANDSCAPE

Lawn & LandscapeNational industry magazine features ArtisTree’s “Thank A Landscaper” program to acknowledge the industry.

Like the gift of coconut bread and jam, which were given to ArtistTree Landscape Maintenance and Design as a unique way of thanks. The company had been asked to help transplant fruit trees that were being removed from the future site of a sales center. The landscape chairman serving on the HOA board didn’t want to see the trees destroyed, so he asked ArtisTree to transplant them around the community.

“To thank us, he and his wife made us the homemade bread and jam,” says Debra Morrow, vice president of marketing for ArtisTree. “When they presented it to our account executive, the bread was still warm.”
This gesture was the thought process behind ArtisTree’s new program, “Thank A Landscaper,” which was launched in the spring. It gives people the chance to thank any person or group of people that has had a significant impact on their experience with the green industry.