ArtisTree Employees Get First Peek at New Site

ArtisTree Website

ArtisTree employees enjoyed a pre-public viewing of before its official launch, with several already submitting messages as the company looks for future partners to promote awareness for landscapers nationwide.

Each employee received a Thank A Landscaper® card and watched a video explaining the creation of the TAL campaign. While the site was conceived by ArtisTree, the company’s goal is to involve multiple companies and organizations so that yet-to-be developed programs can be explored. “The first step is easy,” said Debra Morrow, ArtisTree vice president of marketing. “We will be asking others to cross-promote Thank A Landscaper on their site by including a link. So far everyone has loved the simplicity of the site and the fact that they can invite the person or company they’re thanking to visit the site and see their gratitude published.”

Companies and organizations wishing to link to the TAL site can request a TAL logo to feature on their own websites by contacting