Our Story

It was a loaf of homemade coconut bread that inspired ArtisTree to create this site for anyone who appreciates the efforts of anyone connected to the American landscape.  Specifically, our Florida landscape company was asked to save some 200 mature trees, including coconut palms and Natal plums, from being bulldozed.  To thank us for transplanting every tree in just a few days, we were presented with gifts made with harvested fruit from the trees themselves: coconut bread and Natel plum jam. In an “invisible” service industry governed by storms, droughts and mosquitoes — where a single weed in a driveway crack can provoke instant hysteria — a thick slice of coconut bread slathered with sweet plum jam was salve to our soul. It made our day.

But what about others? Do you have a “landscaper” in your life you’d like to thank — someone whose efforts go largely unnoticed?  Someone who toils hard, dreams big, inspires others or is simply grateful for the gifts of Mother Nature?  Now is the time to show your appreciation and let them know how much they are valued.

Everyone in the nation is invited to join our “grassroots” appreciation campaign so that we might explore future related initiatives.  From all of us at ArtisTree, thank you for helping us get this site off the ground and into people’s hearts.

Warm regards,

ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design

Otano Ramon

He didn’t know it at the time, but former ArtisTree Crew Member Orlando Otano Ramon was the model for our Thank A Landscaper® logo, illustrated by Randy Padorr-Black of Randy Padorr-Black Design.

Copyright in the Thank a Landscaper image is owned by ArtisTree. We welcome you to contact artistreelandscape@gmail.com to seek permission to use this image to positively promote the landscaper profession. ArtisTree reserves the right to withhold said permission or request that the image not be used or displayed in any fashion if ArtisTree, in its sole discretion, determines that such use or display is improper and not consistent with the principles of this campaign. Thank you for helping us to promote the landscaper profession.

About ArtisTree

Founded in 1990, ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design specializes in planned community/commercial maintenance and landscape design/installation. We are a privately held, nationally ranked company headquartered in Venice, FL, serving Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte counties.