Who to Thank

ArtisTree Crew Member

The Thank a Landscaper (TAL) campaign invites people of all ages to thank the “landscaper” in their life. Here are some ideas sure to get your list growing:

  • A relative, friend or gardener who introduced you to the joys of nature
  • Landscape maintenance workers who toil in extreme weather conditions
  • Small businesses and commercial companies that landscape or maintain communities
  • Groundskeepers who maintain your place of business, your school, your church, your parks
  • Teachers, professors, environmentalists
  • Botanical gardens and garden clubs
  • Manufacturers, distributors, nurseries and supply companies
  • Industry associations such as the National Association of Landscape Professionals or regional associations

A note about HOAs

When homeowner associations (HOAs) hire and fire landscape companies, they rarely think about “the guy” doing the work — “the guy” for whom their community represents a livelihood. They might think about the company’s CEO or management team, but not “the guy” who knows their property’s nuances and works under difficult conditions. Pricing – not quality – is often king. Show them your appreciation for what’s often thought of as a thankless job.